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Magwell or Pinch Guard?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

A question I often get is, "what's the difference between the Magwell and the Pinch Guard?"

Physical Breakdown

From the outside, they are both identical. They share the same external contours and profiles. The difference is the contour on the inside.


Our Magwells are true flared magwells meaning that the inside contour is funnel-shaped.

This is important for me, personally, due to my competitive shooting background. I don't consider a Magwell to be a Magwell unless it has a funnel shape that helps to smoothly guide the magazine in. A flared magwell does two main things: it increases the size of the magwell opening and gives it a consistent chamfer.

A small drawback to the magwell is that it often conflicts with magazine base plates. Most magazine base plates are designed to minimize the gap between the pistol grip and the magazine base plate (shown below).

This doesn't leave any room for a funnel-shaped magwell.

Pinch Guard

The Pinch Guard gets rid of the funnel shape so that it can work with a wider range of magazine base plates.

Although it has a larger opening, which still aids in reload efficiency, it has lost the chamfer that helps to smoothly guide the magazine in.

Dual Benefits

An important note on both the Pinch Guard and Magwell: BOTH are designed to create the necessary separation between the bottom of the pistol grip and your hand. This prevents your hand from being pinched between the grip and magazine base plate during a reload. On guns with shorter grips like the Glock 43x and Glock 48, "mag pinch" easily happens when performing rapid reloads. This often forces shooters to slightly change there grip during a reload to ensure their hand is out of the way. With our products installed you do not need to worry about that.

Final Thoughts

Our Magwell is a true flared magwell, but it requires the use of our magazine baseplates for some magazines.

Our Pinch Guard works with stock magazine baseplates but we don't consider it a true flared magwell.

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