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Sandstorm Precision LLC is always looking to advance the firearm industry with innovative products. We are excited to unveil our plans for our future products to the community.

Future Projects 

Inner Storm Belt 


We are developing a low profile EDC (every day carry) belt that also works as an inner belt for “2 belt” style rigs.  Sick of having to switch belts in order to compete or practice with your pistol rig.  The current inner belts on the market are bulky and ill configured for EDC and concealed carry of a pistol.

Product Detail

The Inner Storm Belt is a stiff low profile belt that is comfortable for concealed carry and can seamlessly transition to an inner belt to be used in conjunction with a secondary outer belt.

The Inner Storm Belt is not designed to replace extra stiff or padded inner belts which are ideal for day long use.  

This page was last edited 15 June 2021


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