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P80 Sub Compact Pinch Guard/Plug

Designed to fit P80 PF940SC Frames.


3D Printed from 20% Carbon Fiber reinforced Nylon. 


Made in Austin, Texas U.S.A 

P80 Sub Compact Pinch Guard/Plug


    WORKS WITH: Glock magazines and Shield Arms Glock 26 extension.

    The Pinch Guard creates a tighter fit with the above magazines.



    This Pinch Guard/Plug is designed to fit Polymer 80s PF940SC Frame. This P80 product is lightweight and intended for everyday carry. 3D printed from 20% Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon. This makes the magwell incredibly light, weighing in at only 0.25 ounces, while still being surprisingly durable.


    The Plug has a through hole used for uninstalling.  Use a common #6 screw (wood screw, drywall screw, etc), screw it in 1-2 turns and use the screw to pull the plug out.  Screw not included.  


Check out all our installation videos on our VIDEOS page or on our YouTube channel.   

If you have any questions about the proper installation or fit of our products, do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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